Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hello everyone. I've been meaning to share these for a while - some of the amazing messages people have sent us. Thank you so much for taking time to email us, we really appreciate it! 

Here's 10 to kick off with - I'll be posting more through this week. 

"I will lose all faith in human nature if this place closes"  - George Stratton

"I write from Toronto, and have just heard the news. obviously, I am devastated. the Wenlock Arms is surely the finest pub in the Commonwealth. I have always considered it my local when I'm local (i.e., when I'm in london). your work is much appreciated, as far away as the new world!" - Lisa Amin

"I just got this horrible news!! We must all see to it this does not happen and that this great traditional real pub with its real ale is saved! I have spent many enjoyable nights there and like it for its timeless qualities as well as the good beer" - Sheila Freeman

"I'm with you. long live the Wenlock" - Daniel Smallwood

"It is the best and most special pub in the whole of London. Don't let it be demolished, please!" - Mary Morrison

"Good luck in your campaign.  The Wenlock is one of my favourite pubs in London and it would be criminal for it to be demolished." - Steve Thompson

"I used to work round the corner from the Wenlock Arms, which in my view was the best pub in the area for the consistent quality of the beer to the friendly welcome behind the bar and the colourful local characters who frequented it. A few years back I would spend most lunchtimes in there enjoying a nice quiet pint and a huge sandwich (usually black pudding!) and they were happy days. I'm so sad to hear it's not just closing down but being bulldozed, leaving no room whatsoever to save it / resurrect it. I will definitely visit one last time (I live a long way away now), before they close down, for my usual. What is going on when community pubs with such proud histories are allowed to disappear like this? It is happening all too often now." - Andrew Levicki

"I heartily support your campaing to save this magnificent and unique London pub. The very idea of it being demolished is intolerable." - Charles Edwards

"I support you! I'm crying!" - Jonathan Lister

"I recently heard the sad news that the Wenlock Arms is to meet its demise this Autumn. I'm absolutely dismayed and completely shattered to hear that another great pub is probably going to end up being developed into another block of crap flats or some other unjustified profit scheme. I've spent many many cracking nights (and birthdays etc) in that pub and coming from the North, I couldn't believe my luck when I moved down here and stumbled on it. I felt I'd discovered one of the many beating hearts of London.  It has never let me down and has given me and my friends the community solace that this city so desperately needs at times." - Christian Statham

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