Monday, 27 September 2010


Hi Mum and Dad, sorry I haven't called home for a while! It's been a bit hectic. You know I said Sian and I have been running a campaign to save that pub?  Well, er, it's going quite well. 

This is just some of what we've been up to:

We've had words of support from Carole Williams and Philip Glanville, councillors for the Hoxton ward. Philip said "I am keen to publicise the campaign as I know many local residents and councillors from across Hackney love the Wenlock and will do what we can to save this unique institution."

Thanks too to our lovely band of male models (Wenlock Arms FC) and Sue who helped us out with the photos for the papers on Saturday. We are so happy we've got the support of regulars and staff! 

Anyway, I think it's been a good week. We were very encouraged by this quote from owner Steve Barnes in the Islington Gazette piece:
"The pub will probably go on the market this week and of course we would much prefer whoever buys it to keep it as a pub.

"We can't really control that but I can say that some recent events have made it more likely it will stay as a pub than it was looking at one stage."
The fight to keep it a pub is far from over, but the difference is that now there are people all over London shouting about how important the Wenlock is. Please do keep spreading the word!


  1. Best of luck with your campaign...disgrace whats happening to traditional pubs.

  2. Hi Tessa

    CAMRA's national members' newspaper, What's Brewing, features the threat to The Wenlock on page 3 of the October edition so all CAMRA's 120k members now know about the issue. Many of them will have visited the pub.

    CAMRA North London

  3. The wenlock arms is the best pub in london... wonderful people go there and wonderful people run it. Impossible to replicate..It is the epitome of the essence of the Irish Bar in an English form..You just go not find friendly pubs like this anymore. It is an artform..should be submitted for the Turner prize.
    Eddie the quizmaster..John the taster..Dave the cellarman..Tallulah the barmaid John the Boat, John the Bike..Jamie on a saturday night and speedy! They are only a few..up the Tractorboys!