Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Firstly, sorry for the big gap in blog posts. My day job's been chaotic for the last couple of weeks. But I'm back now! I was hoping to come back with a bang, with something concrete that would mean the whole thing is saved...but we're still fighting the good fight I'm afraid.

Thanks for all your messages of support. These are amazing. We've had loads. What I'm doing is logging them all - it seems more personal than a petition somehow - and I'll be posting them up on the blog.

And a quick word on the sale...
There are rumours going around that the Londonnewcastle sale has fallen through. That's encouraging, isn't it? But there are no certainties in this life, particularly when someone else's megabucks is involved. All we really know is that Steve and Will want to sell, and that right now the Wenlock remains open for business. Do you know someone who might be interested in buying it? Good. Email us and Camra North London http://www.camranorthlondon.org.uk/contacts.html (CAMRA almost certainly have more experience in brokering sales than we do but we're kind of happy to be have a go heroes on this occasion).

There will be more posts this week - lots of messages of support, and more about what you can do to help. Don't touch that dial.


  1. I thought Londonewcastle never had any intention to buy anyways.
    And if the price is right, i'm sure there's some brewery, pubco or entrepeneur who'd snap it up.

  2. Popped in last night. Wasn't intending to stay long, but ended up being there till closing time.

    Surely they can't take this pub away? There's so few originals like this left. Can't we lobby to get it listed, or something?

  3. Yes sure. Whats the asking price?

  4. What's happened? Is the pub saved or is the future still in the balance?

  5. The choice of Wenlock as the name for the mascot refers back to the Wenlock Olympian Games, an annual event founded in 1850, and witnessed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1890. The Olympian Society celebrated their 125th Games earlier this year.

  6. Things have gone quiet here.

    Too bad - word is that developers have bought the place and closure if definite and iminent.

  7. Very imminent http://easteight.com/plappshow.php?param=158243

    But then people who actually went in there had known it for a while...

  8. @Albert Trinker: word from camra north london is that the sale hasn't taken place yet, and that the planning permission is being applied for prior to transfer of ownership. So one of the best way to stop development is to object to the planning permission.


    Comments by October 10th!
    Save the Wenlock!

  9. Is the fight at last won:


  10. I got an email from Hackney council informing me that they had decided to refused the planning application to turn the pub into apartments, which I guess is what the link in the comment above is about as well... is there more to the fight?

    We're moving to London start of next February, so will definitely come by then! :)

  11. More news on Facebook....


  12. Wenlock Arms has planning permission for flats on 1st and 2nd floors. The pub will survive.....